Breaking Free From Violence Family Support Worker

The Breaking Free From Violence (BFFV) formerly known as the Circle of Care program utilizes a comprehensive approach to addressing and eradicating violence against Indigenous Women and their children.  It enhances and provides support across service areas that are designed to meet the unique needs of Indigenous women who are involved with both the child welfare systems and violence against women sectors.  We provide services to Indigenous women, their children, families and communities by creating 'circles of care' that meets cultural, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Breaking Free From Violence (BFFV) Family Support Worker (s) will support Indigenous women in a culturally rooted, holistic way, to assist women in navigating through complex systems encountered when experiencing violence and involvement in child welfare matters.  Our worker (s) focus on crisis management and stabilization, awareness and education, planning and goal setting, liaise with service providers and provide conflict resolution support for Indigenous women and their families.  The COC FSW’s will build dependable, reliable, and trustworthy relationships with women and/or mothers while preserving their dignity and promoting a holistic approach among all service providers.  The focus of this program is to ensure that the rights of the mother and child are both upheld.

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