Gifts In Lieu

Quite often individuals desire to make financial donations in lieu of their friends and/or their family, or an occasion ( wedding, birthday, graduation, etc.). 
If you wish to make a financial donation please contact and a tax receipt will be issued.
Financial Donations 
Your gift can be accepted online through the Canada Helps link on our page, or by mailing a cheque, or money order.  Nia:wen I Thank-you for your donation. Canada Helps process the donation on behalf of the charity and sends the donor a tax receipt directly.
Planned Giving
Giving in a charitable way allows an individual to experience personal joy and satisfaction knowing that their gift will bring happiness to another in such a meaningful way.
Please always consult your financial advisor to advise on the best way to gift financial support. Below is a consideration.
*Tribute OR Memorial
To honour another and their life-journey is truly sacred. Please consider a gift in the form of naming a room at the Shelter that will display your personal choice of name or quote in memory of the financial bequest through a plaque that will continue to remind all of your kindness and generosity.
* Financial benchmarks apply.
Please inquiry with your financial advisor on the procedure and best donation that is most appropriate for you.

Tax receipt will be issued for over $20.00.