Gifts In Lieu

Quite often individuals wish to make a financial donations in lieu of their friends and their family, an occasion (a wedding, birthday, graduation, ect). 
If you wish to make a financial donation please contact and tax receipt will be issued.
Financial Donations 
Your gift of can be accepted on line through Canadian Helps link on our page, mailed cheque, or money order. Thank you for your donation, the NWC will issue a tax receipt.
Planned Gifting
To give in a charitable way allows an individual to experience personal joy, and satisfaction in the knowing that their gift will bring happiness to another in such a meaningful way.
Please always consult your financial advisor to be given direction to what is the best way to gift financial support. Below is some areas of consideration.
Tribute Memorial
To honour another and their life journey is truly sacred. Please consider a gift in they form of naming a room in the Shelter that will display your choice of name or quote in memory of the financial gift of donation through the plaque that continues to remind all of the kindness and generosity.
Please inquiry with your financial advisor on the procedure and best donation that is most appropriate for you.

Tax receipt will be issued for over $20.00.