Workshops and Training

All workshops and training opportunities suspended until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience at this time.

Cultural Competency Training: Delivered by Violence Against Women Sector Looking Through The Indigenous Lens

Native Women's Centre offers workshop on Cultural Compentency, Sensitivity, Safety, and Violence Against Women to further educate your staff and organization. 

With 39 years operating in the violence against women and homelessness sector and over 100 years of combined experienced staff, we offer:

Workshop #1

This one day workshop offers an historical indigenous perspective within the violence against women sector to various agencies; for-profit, corporate, not for profit, VAW, transitional housing, college, university and secondary schools.

The workshop is delivered over a one-day session from 10am-3pm.

Workshop leads delivering the training will vary from: 6 - 12 individuals.

Participants receive the training for groups between 25-80 in total

Tentitive Agenda include the following topics:

  1. live interactive role play through the various stages of colonialism
  2. discussion after each stage delivered by a facilitator
  3. question and answer time
  4. group discussion break out sessions
  5. explaination of the thanksgiving address, 7 Grandfather Teachings
  6. cultural explaination and observation

Workshop #2

This workshop can be provided in a 2-hour time frame and is perfect to be offered as a lunch and learn. Topics covered in this workshop include but not limited to:

  1. Discussion around use of proper and appropriate terminology
  2. Historical images/stereotypes (internalized stereotypes)
  3. Discussion of the stages of colonialism and effects: domination, exploitation, divide, conquer and elimination
  4. Various First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples within Canada
  5. Interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual understanding, practise and belief (world view)
  6. Behaviours, practises and ways of viewing mainstream agencies One Bowl and One Spoon Teaching

Handouts included.

Workshop #3

This workshop can be provided in a 2 hour time frame and is perfect to be offered as a lunch and learn. Topics covered in this workshop include and are not limited to:

  1. Understanding our own bias
  2. Community, family, world values and views
  3. What is cultural competence
  4. Discussion on an inclusive environment
  5. Creating a culturally safe and sensitive work environment for collegues and clients
  6. Discussion on learning styles

Handouts included.

Workshop #4

The format will be delivered in modules earning a certificate of completion. Instructors to be announced: College and University level delivery of programming.

Audience for delivery:  Health Care, Corrections, Legal, Police Foundations

Please stay tuned for updated Workshop #4.

Please contact to schedule your workshop.