Shelter Services
24 Hour Crisis Line - 1.888.308.6559
Emergency Outreach

Aboriginal Community Counselling

Designed to provide counseling and support to women and youth fleeing or experiencing family violence.

Native Counselling/Discharge Planning Program 

Designed to provide counseling and awareness training to Native offenders incarcerated at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre.

Woman Abuse Education Program 

Designed to educate and provide information to in-house residents on the cycle of abuse.

Mountain View Program

Provision of services for single homeless women experiencing crisis and in need of shelter services.

Healing Our Sisters (HS)-Anti Human Trafficking Crisis Services and Resources

The provision of crisis beds with wrap around support and resources for Indigenous survivors of Human Trafficking.

Honouring The Circle-Transitional Housing Support Program

Temporary Transitional Housing will be available for all women and children experiencing crisis and economic stability in their lives. Honouring the-Circle Program

NOTE:    Please contact 905-664-1114  for inquiries, unit availability, criteria, forms, etc.

Transitional Housing and Support Program 

Works to support women and their children who have experienced violence or abuse by connecting them with individualized services and supports within their communities. This initiative uses a wholistic approach to assist women and children to live violence/abuse free and lead safe and meaningful lives.

Emergency Outreach Program

To improve the self-sufficiency of homeless individuals and families and those at imminent risk of homelessness through individualized services.  To connect participants to resources and supports pertaining to life skill development, pre-employment and labour market, budgeting, client social integration, cultually relevant response to help Aboriginal participants and connecting participants to education and supporting their success.

 Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

Aimed to ensure that Aboriginal children and families have access to services and supports.