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The Native Women's Centre provides safe shelter for all women regardless of age, ancestry, culture, place of origin or sexual orientation with or without children who are experiencing crisis in their lives due to family violence, homelessness, or conflict with the law.

Safe and Secure Shelter, Transitional, and Community Services

Our shelter and housing services are open to women regardless of creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion or place of origin with a focus on traditional healing.  Our community supports are designed to provide assistance to the Hamilton Indigenous community.

News and Events

Honouring Our Sisters – Virtual Event

Help us grow awareness for how violence disproportionately affects Indigenous women in our communities, join us in celebrating Indigenous stories of strength and resilience, and learn more about…

New Outreach Program Number

The foodbank has changed its number to 905 977 0234. You can can call or text this number Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm-excluding holidays.